Why exist nude snails?

2021-08-28 13:01:26 PATSY

I mean somehow meaning in this ecosystem? They are disgusting I just because I'm vegan, that does not mean that I may without exception all the animals.

I'm troubled to a nude snow at that time. That was so disgusting. I had to throw away my shoes.


a) because they created the love of God.

b) because the evolution of the molluscs has produced a retailer here, which as millions of other animals is eaten and eaten. Apparently, this genus is life-strength and resilient enough to consist of tens of millions of years almost unchanged.

It has already given it from the people and they will give it a long time after man will be extinct.

In the meantime, we have to live with them and if we have come to a scrap on their remains from the sole profile.


I do not like the varieties that me the salad or Food cabbage in the garden as soon as only one leaflet shows. But these are do not allNude snacks. Disgusting I do not think and your reaction is quite exaggerated. But I find it uncomfortable to touch her with a mere hands and therefore draw on work gloves when I collect them in the garden to put them out of the meadow.


I'm becoming more and more fan of nude snacks. Especially the tiger snails of the night I did to me. Incidentally, users who also destroy other snails.

Fan of all nudibranchs I have become after I saw how much dirt, rotten, rising greeners and small bodies made from the way and made of the meadow. Also, the poisoned mouse has completely destroyed them.

Especially welcome you are in chicken spout, where you are with WedR at the removal of the chicken excrements with me compete. That makes the spout not only less stinking, they probably remove dangerous diseases so.

Surely seedling and a salad on it. But there is a snail fences.

That's why you do not imagine a life without nudge snails, that would be pretty stinky and foul.


I had to go my shoes away throw.

That was definitely exaggerated. I do not like nude slur not exactly, but a simple shoe cleaning would have been completely dressed. If you are traveling in the forest or when or after rainy weather on a unpaved path, shoes are definitely dirty than if you or equal a pair of nudibranchs or andERE snails flat power.


You write up your thoughts. And completely confused. I mean, you can see the context, but some sentences are simply superfluous. At that time, when I wrote my first sentence, I was very happy. That was so cool.

Why exist nude snails?