Is it Haram to drive an embryo?

2021-08-28 13:02:31 ARNOLD

Selam Aleykum My brothers and sisters,

I born my second child 2 months ago. And still did not get a monthly bleeding. I'll make a pregnancy test tomorrow and if this should be positive and displayed in the gynecologist that it is still an embryo and the heart does not yet beat, then you have the opportunity to drive? I ask for decent answers and no common comments ... It's just that I'm not ready for a 3 child I'm scared that I will be overwhelmed with 3 children and not the power as a mother to give a good education ... I do not want to obey my children to me what I say and then choose a wrong street ... The kids should be educated decent ... Finally, I'm aloneIne family live too far and see us rarely ... The family of my husband live all abroad ... So I can not support a support so I'm completely responsible for life and for the future of my children I just want the Best for the kids.


Basically Abortion Haram is. Unless the life or health of the woman are endangered or the child is seriously ill.

I would go to a scholar in your place to give you Fatwa from him and only hear him if you want to do the right one.

If you think that you would be overwhelmed with a 3rd child, then it is unable to waste Haram in my opinion, but it would be understood in any case if your husband can not support you in education .

Maybe you could see this possible 3rd child as well as examination of Allah.

Three children are not easy, clear but feasible it is determined


You have to do that in the endEiden You have two children who need you, a consultation had to get you anyway, but please do not depend on belief and please worry if you do not want children.


If you are alone, I do not understand where the 3rd child should come from?

Ask an imam best, because the opinions split partially.

But Eig is that God does not give you something that you can not wear.


So I'm not so good about these religious stuff but even if you are pregnant now, it's not a baby. It takes more time to have a soul, it's just like a tissue. You should decide what you want but when you said, the heart does not beat


I find your mindE Good and completely no matter what God you believe, this thing is certainly good with you, listen to your heart, a bigger God does not listen to hearing on your heart. And then you already do everything right.

Is it Haram to drive an embryo?