Dysthyme -died - What to do?

2021-08-28 16:04:48 MARIE

Hey guys,

I'm currently in the waiting loop for another diagnosis.

That takes about 10 months.

I also suspect that I have a dysthymia, so a chronic depression. And another addiction disease.

Should I called where I'm waiting for a place?

What should I do?

Thank you


Are you waiting for a clinking place? Or why does it take ten months until you can get a diagnosis?

Other mental illnesses are already available and are you in treatment?

Otherwise, go to the family doctor and let yourself be transferred to a settled psychiatrist and examine you there. So you come to a diagnosis faster and can also begin the appropriate treatment sooner.

Or you are looking for a psychotherapist right away. Also there you can get a diagnosis and make a conversation therapy if necessary.


If you are in treatment with a psychiatrist, you have an appointment normally every 3 months. There you can make your guess, you haveTest a depression and also an addiction disease.

Dysthyme -died - What to do?