Neighbors lock cat on balcony What to do?

2021-08-28 17:02:03 LILLIAN

Hello I need your help, and lock my neighbors very often their cat also especially at night in the balcony on the 4th floor The cat is constantly on mowd and it's really cold outside the cat always runs on the railing And it always looks like they are falling down ... what should I do? That's time for weeks and I need help what I should do ... That must stop!


Since it is probably strangers and you do not trust with them to ring them and to address them, I would advise you to log and go to the police ... Restriction, for example, would be one reason that You have to do something about it.

Unfortunately, I do not see an animal welfare law that would forbid that ... the cat is not her life on the balcony on / off.

Before you do that with the police, you can also write a letter and forward them.


First of all, you should appeal to the neighbors friendly that these circumstances make you worry. Someone knows the name of the neighbors.

If this brings nothing, you could inform the landlord as a next step.

Much hefollow.

l. G. Lilly


Either I would address the neighbors directly or I would make proof video from the situation and then go to animal welfare.


involve the animal welfare association. Any-appropriate attitude looks different.


Do not talk to the neighbor. Call either the police or the animal protection. How long does that run with the cat?

Neighbors lock cat on balcony What to do?