What happens after a failed suicide trial?

2021-08-28 17:02:54 JOHNNIE

I'm talking in the example that you still have all the limbs and is physically healthy after operations etc. And you wake up ... What will happen to the person? Talk to doctors of the person on it? Will you just be sent home again? Is it forced to be brought into psychiatry with handcuffs?


MAN, as soon as you are safe in a (health) stable state, is released normal. But the doctors are quite certainly obliged to instruct the person in a psychiatric therapy. In addition, the family doctor or the family doctor is likely to be informed, which * R is also committed to pursuing the matter.

Even if it was of course the conscious decision of this person, the doctors have to help the duty of the person. In their competence, it is just then to transfer the person to a specialist.

But that's just normal. Doctors, psychologists and teachers are obliged to report / track the situation if a person is in serious danger. - If you want to kill yourself, Al is valids such a danger.

LG and stay healthy