Would you allow your daughter?

2021-08-28 17:03:13 KRISTY

Who you have a daughter (who is not, then introduces you). And your daughter is 13 years old. She is in a relationship be 1 year. And the friend is 14 (would soon have become 15). And the daughter wants the friend to sleep with her. But that she says he can sleep her bed and she in another room.

Would you allow that? Your opinion then?


MMN find teens when a will is there, also a way. And the heavier one makes those of the greater the risk that that happens that the lack of uncertain and without necessary protective measures.

I would probably operate excessive education, offer you an appointment with the gynecologist because of the pill (if you already have the Period has) and give her a box condoms.

If you lucky you passes you the lust because you go out that the parents know that it happens, and if not at least the risk of babies and sexually decreases.


I would definitely allow her.
Not only because then you would find a way anyway to do that behind our back, but also because I amThen have long had to talk about certain points and then entrust themselves that they can decide themselves.

Especially since you do not have to assume that they sleep together


For me as a mother, that would be a bit too early. I would wait until she is 14. With 14 she may also have sexual intercourse.

However, I would previously have an enlightening conversation with her about prevention and make an appointment with the gynecologist because of the pill.


Clear, I would allow that.

Incidentally, I have a daughter that the age has successfully brought behind.


I have a daughter who is still younger. At the age, her friend would I hope DBut she has none yet. Can not be allowed to stay with us.

Would you allow your daughter?