Why are things like you are?

2021-08-28 19:01:23 JOHNNIE

My head is just a bad phase through I am constantly panic and anxiety attacks, why are things as they are? Why do not we die? What is life? What is time?

I think I like the same, or I just do not exist anymore. Help!


I also ask myself sometimes if there is no God and we actually only live senselessly.

If you have such thoughts more often, look at YouTube the older videos of "short-mentioned in a nutshell" so that your existence crisis gets worse: D

Lg Yousef


Because things are just as they are. There are billions of stars / solar systems in our galaxy, and there are billions of galaxies. We are not even a small fart in it, and a single crash is not even the track of it. This helps me not to take me too important and see everything with serenity, as if I just considered myself from outside.


The LThere is no sense. Everyone has to find his own meaning in it or give life to life. You are just here now.

Wonder why, or where you're going, if you are not anymore - that can cause you unnecessary headaches. It is inevitable, so you should not be afraid of it.

Instead of fear and to worry, you should consider what you would like to do now. And then you work then! Just look at it as an opportunity to achieve all the things you want to see and experience.



What should we do there? The question of why can not answer you, nor can we improve your condition. Please search professional help



There is no answer to why things are as they are.

Can not synonymous. Also on the question, why not just nothing is, there is no answer. There could not be nothing of oneself, because there would be nothing in relation.

Whatever happens here, the least can be at least. The "least" state at all.

Time actually does not exist real. A construction constructed by the brain. We believe that we move on a timeline from left to right. However, an apt image would be that existence itself moves through the eternal timeless moment. Was not it "now"? It is always the same "now", time is an illusion.

Therefore, there is noE Answer to why things are like you are. It is always "now", there is no real development from before. In time terms you could say it was always like it was and it will never be that way, so that seemingly "something" happens here.

The question is also the question of whether life and death exist in the way at all, if we are subject to "temporal decay" as organisms, or who, or what we are actually.

I can say one thing. These crazy people walking around the street and screaming "Nothing Really Exists", "Existence IS An illusion", "Is This all Really Happing", "Nobody Exists, But I Tell You What - I Exist. I am the only one. ". These people have experienced directly and real, what goes hereis.

Why are things like you are?