What would you do?

2021-08-28 21:04:15 BRENT

• You have been learning a person for 4 months

• Have previously written regularly, though you do not like the writer.

• 5 meetings took place every time you have every time Understood

• It happens that it also answers 1 - 2 days later.

• You are patiently and waits until she answers again, you give clock time (if it notes it or not)

• It is introverted

but for a short time If she lets the message on unread and answers only 2 - 3 days later or you click on the chat after a few days, but does not answer.

Nevertheless, however, if you are looking at you or you, open, interested in writing, writes a lot and back with smileys.

What does that mean?

Should I report and ask if everything is ok, or should I wait?

PS: We are both female / friends

Ask everything is ok. CHOOSE 74%

I think it would be better when choose 16%

wait until you return choose 5%

Other choose 5%


And they often mentioned me that she sometimes takes longer to answer, so she is to her friends too, and that I should not personally take that.

Nevertheless, I always feel bad to be ignored.


You crowded. This easily happens through social media. Earlier you have written letters on paper and just waited for the answer. But today you see if you already opened the message. This encourages to follow a certain check.

Write your dear email. This saves you the impatient waiting. Let your time. An open, honest and thoughtful answer after 5 days is better than a hasty. You will not be IgnoriERT, as Find out how exactly you come to this feeling. It's your feeling and it is important that you do not make your girlfriend responsible for this.


.. You phoned. You know that you do not like to write and a telephone conversation is much more personal and you get to know each other much better.


I also have such a girlfriend ... Meissens if I write them Last it, but does not answer ... (Last, she wrote me at 8:27 clock: Hi then answered: Hi❤️ How are you? There was no answer ...

But if I call you Then everything is great!
Maybe that works with you too?
Or have you already tried it?

If that does not help then try DICHal times to meet her again, then you can appeal it carefully ...



I would meet the next speak to. So you can see yourself in the eyes and also recognize by the body language, whether the answer is honest.

Maybe you have different ideas about how a friendship works? Possibly. Are you writing too often while you reach a contact 1-2x a week?

If that suits, you should find a compromise so you both feel comfortable. A good friendship does not depend on the amount of news or from the frequency of meetings.


Questions What Lost is a conversation. Try soonIt's why she does that.

What would you do?