Why are (my) parents?

2021-08-28 21:05:33 KRISTEN

So my parents are slightly irritable and rain over everything.

School is more important than the health of your children.

"You just want the best for you" Bla Bla

They were even children and would have to know how much pressure they do and how bad it goes to us.

Why are they still like that?

You know completely That's exactly what you injured us?


You can only hurt you if you make school too comfortable.

You want you to get a good job and good money with good scores.

What's wrong with that.


IMPLEMENTS are many people today. The pressure through the environment and work, always one must be present, increase aggression. The police know in road traffic from increasingly aggressive behavior to report. And the views of your parents, we are all children of our epoch. In my time as a child, adults always wanted to eat at Esden what is on the plate. Even though.man was pappsatt. If you did not want to eat so much. Just an example. Which your parents attach so much to school, livesOf course, unemployment is becoming increasingly difficult in contrast to previous times. Education and training are becoming increasingly important. As a parent you may be scared that your own children lose the connection? I should talk about it in peace. If you can not do a dialogue with your parents alone, do you might get help from someone who can act as a mediator? Maybe another relative? If necessary a therapist? Good luck and good succeed. Family can be difficult, even if it's all good. And be parents is not a sugar sheep.

Why are (my) parents?