Does the man on corona and vaccine right?

2021-08-28 23:01:54 ALEX


This is an excited man who asks the question: "Is that a vaccination campaign here?"

Yes, of course.

Then he stimulates about it On television, the recommendations of the stiko are spread. Yes and? It belongs to the task of broadcasting to disseminate information.

The stiko had first told that there are not enough numbers to give it, whether vaccination for children bring more benefit than risks. Then the results of the studies from USA and Israel come and now the stiko meets a statement. So they did not change their minds, but waited until they have sufficient data to make an opinion. This means Mr. Stahl as "bent" and tries it with sarcastic laughter.

Then the story comes back with the double vimils in the hospitals. Yes, of course, there are more and more doubled in the hospitals: when 100% were poured out, even all Corona patients would be poisoned in the hospital. The vaccination does not protect 100.0% before a serious course and the risk group of very old people remains a risk group, also with vaccination.

" You are surprised that people do not trust you anymore? "He says. That's because Hetzer sowly sow uncertainty with false statements. People who use the possibility of the Internet for disseminating disinformations have the uncertainty to answer for the vaccinations largely. What did not I hear about a crap: infertility, one is magnetic, a chip is revealed, which one can see in the UV light, all vaccinated dying in autumn, long-term sequences, no approval, human attempts, no enlightenment, heaviest side effects, already many had died of vaccination, a power elite Want to force the vaccine to control people, etc.

Yes, it's wrong when the Europa-Park has distributed different bracelets for vaccinated. That was a horrible idiotic idea. Only the decision of a leisure park operator does not change the meaning of a vaccine against a pandemic. From this one can not derive that the politicians are "more and more entangled in your lies and power interests".

The facts: The Europa parking operator is backed up and has on groundof the print by the public informed by the press the different marking back. Apparently, the political and public system therefore works well.

Mr. Stahl claims that we would simply look away from group rape. "The longer the epidemic goes, the more they have made" - what a nonsense!

The man tries to make his opinion credible with weak rhetoric and corrosive polemics. I have thoroughly filled these Hetz videos. This sarcasm is only suitable for buttons and heating hatred and mistrust. He poses politicians in front of him like assholes and behaves himself unsympathetic and usocial. I find his video disgust.

No, the man is not right and SAn argument is not convincing.


Am probably the only one who was not overwhelmed with the video, it has seen and then an opinion may form.

And yes, he is absolutely right. Actually, there should be no 2 opinions, because that's facts he specifies. But you see how it runs here. Better not see and hear anything, but nevertheless add his mustard. But something like that are not opinions, but only dull talk. Sad that it is, but it's just like that. For the reason, it is also like it.


It shows frightening little solidarity.

terribly the type. I hope he also dispenses on suppository and tablets because they can also be harmful.


The man has an opinion - you can share them or not!

... in that I can not say if he is right.

Me However, find that he is "artificially" upset: the discrimination of non-vaccinated is nothing more than another of many discrimination, which is - necessary and naturally - in every society!

I mean: it Are also discriminated against arms, black, disabled, Muslims, small (as I like) - it's simply fact that a lower infectious risk goes out!

I herself rather me about the idiotic, non-discriminatory Mask obligation (VA in schools / teaching) as about the discrimination that complains this man.


A self-actor who likes to talk. What does he say ? My conclusion: The artificial excitement could have been amortized in 30 seconds. Nothing remains as it is; already not a society.

Does the man on corona and vaccine right?