How can he say that after the Bible homosexuality is no sin?

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In advance: I myself would not call me a Christian, at least I have been extreme doubts in faith for months, but I am still very interested in the world religions and beliefs.

I'm not homophobic, but I know that in the Bible homosexuality is a sin. (Even if I do not see the Bible as a truth for my life, but it is not here in the first place) but even when I was a Christian, for me was fact that after my belief homosexuality is a sin after my faith. While never changed that, as I moved with homosexuals, namely completely normal, even if it does not like it as a sin, but in faith it's about God's commandments, not my wishes. It's just like that NACH the Bible, the Torah and the Koran homosexuality is a sin, even if I want to change.

But now a pastoral official of my (former) community has said a few months ago in such a youth group to us, the homosexuality is no sin. Now I ask myself but where he takes the right to say that. Because even if the bid did not like the bid as a Christian, I can say bad "Nope, that's not inside," even if it would be so dear. He said, however, clearly and clearly, the homosexuality was none, and he was lgbtq + supportered and even sloping rainbow flags around church if he could. Since I ask myself if he choosed myself which commandments are valid and what his scale is.

Clear, I also support varietyAnd all, but I just dropped from faith, but still I realize that it is a sin after this book.

I, as "unbelievers" may not be upset me that he says something like that, but when I was a Christian, it was really unbelievably surprised how he could assert that it was not sin and it still Support can? This is full of the content of faith, I would surprise me with Nem Jews, Muslims, etc.

How is you, as Christians? How can one justify that homosexuality is not a sin after the Bible?


Can also write Christians themselves who have a reasonable opinion, which is why there is no sin after their faith. I really want to understand.


Sounds to 'nem Liberal Pastor ...

1M 1.27 and God created man in his picture, In the picture of God he created him; As a man and woman he created them.

1M 2.24 Therefore, a man will leave his father and his mother and attach his wife, and they will be a flesh.

God has determined the GV only for man and woman. Also purely biologically seen only man and woman can witness children together.

Therefore, Homosexual GV is sin because it against God's order is.

Important: Not the homosexual inclination is sin, but the homosexual act!

is confirmed later by further verses:

3MO 18,22 You should not be a man , how to lies with a woman, because that is a gray. (here the act will not be described, not the tendency)

Römer 1: Fig. 26 Therefore, it also has God in Lesque passions; Because their women have exchanged natural traffic with the deputy natural;

27 Likewise, men have left the natural traffic with the woman and are banned against each other in their desire and have man with man shame GetRunning and receiving the deserved reward of their aberration on themselves.

The pastor can turn it as he wants, the gay GV remains sin.



Yes, there are biblical scientists who see the three usual Bible locations differently:

  • Old Testament : They assume that it is about the Bible Board that the Jewish patriarchs, for a lovement could leave their families and was punished in special cases with death
  • New Testament: In these two passages Paul criticizes according to Bible scientists a Roman practice , as luxury, it was a pretty 17 year old from impoverished family circumstances for 1 year as sex slaves to buy

Common view: In the beginning, the grace applies to a Christian - so we do not do things out of legal reasons but from discovered love in Christ



What is standing You, as Christians? How can one justify that homosexuality after the Bible is no sin?

The Bible does not know the concept of homosexuality. It is just here and there same sex sex traffic among men (not in women! Not also criticized and sanctioned in Roman 1.26). In a culture in the man was virtually married to sexual maturity and without a lot of saying, and where at the partner choice through the patriarch of the familyDowl, heritage and relatives were the biggest factors, but that's no surprise.

If you want to go more in the depth, I recommend this lecture:

Sherry If spiritual claim that Homosex is no sin, ignore the word of God (1st Cor. 6: 9; 1. Tim. 1:10). For them to meet Jesus words: "Beware of the false prophets who are covered as sheep to come to you, in reality but are greedy wolves! You will recognize them at their fruits. "(Mat. 7:15, 16) Jamie Hi Janak581L, Whether you say Annex to the Bible, the homosexuality Sin is, I can not answer. That's why the Bible is always behindDoors open and is generally outdated! Does not it mean that God loves his children and forgives them? So it says or? Why is in the Bible, as an example: "1 The Lord said to Moses: 2 Say to the Israelites: Every man under the Israelites or among the strangers in Israel, who gives one of his children to the Moloch, has earned death." That sounds clearly after a vulnerable God and / or after a tyrant! "Do what I want or I punish you!" Other example: "Everyone who cursed his father or his mother has deserved death. Since he cursed his father or his mother, his blood should come to him." I curse this job ... UPS ... Now I have earned the death alone through these words! Reminds me likefar to the Taliban, where there is already punishment / torture / death penalty, if you only hear music and / or dances !!! (As soon as the disses have been opened and dancing her there and dances there. Then one second of it thinks that someone is killed for this behavior / activity in other countries in the worst case, due to the views in their countries!) Let's take a short way back to paradise. At that time at Adam and Eva. A snake seduced Eva to eat an apple from the tree of knowledge and shared this apple with Adam. Right? Due to this (because both had eaten by the apple of the realization) both were sold out of paradise! Right? I ask for correction, but in the rough and large, this should agree. 1: What happened to the ANSTag for this did? So what happened to the snake? God is omniscient and omnipotent! So (!) He has to know about it! He has to know that the snake was involved with! So what did God do with this snake? How was their punishment? Adam and Eva flew out of paradise, what happened to the snake ??? 2: God is called just as someone who forgives sins and loves everyone! Why does he throw Adam and Eve out of paradise? Instead of saying, "Ey, that's not how it works! I warned you! This is the first and last warning to you !!!" If you love and want to be right up, you give a second chance! God apparently in this case not! Is this right? This is not rather eIn contradiction in itself? 3: The tree of realization! Knowledge, knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, wisdom ... that should probably contact the tree of knowledge? God only wants the best for the people! Am I right? But if so, why does not God do not want to benefit Adam / Eva from the tree of knowledge? Because this will be smarter than before! So wanted to keep God Adam and Eva aware / with intention to continue stupid to better "dominate" ??? Then God would be nothing better than a tyrant / dictator that keeps his own people stupid / suppressed / scared to rule better / easier / easier about this people! See the examples in the real story: Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, North Korea, Spain to Franco DictatUr, Pinochet, Cuba, China since Mao until today, countries in Africa ... !!! Dan would be God, seen, a tyrannical dictator! And dictators are always (!!!) overthrown !!! Because you prescribe what you have to do and what not! Example: The Catholic Church prevailed years / centuries to take the sex only in the missionary position and have no fun to feel and that this is solely for reproduction !!! That was in the 17th century. We are in the 21st century. But the church still thinks like in the 17th century! Is the church up to date? NO!!! She hangs over centuries ago !!! That would be like when you go to the cinema today and there are silent films! While running in the TV sound movie! The world is IM sound movie with color film! But the church is still in the silence movie of black / white movie era !!!!! In the 1980s in the twentieth century, the illness of AIDS dived! A few years ago (current year 2021!) Said the church, which is allowed Catholics allowed, to prevent when the partner has a gender disease! So about 30-40 years after the outbreak of AIDS! In other words, in comparison: In this development, we probably would have the sound movie in the cinema now! If you would go after the development / insight of the church. But (!) Only for certain cinemas! The TV would still be mute! Streaming, mobile phones or even Internet would do it according to this principle pure fiction and thus not exist !!! When it goes to the church, we would stillLiving in the 16th century and why? Because the church was still right at that time (!!!!!) The use of a condom is something completely normal in today's / current time and is proof of own protection and protection / respect for the other person! Sex serves in our time (but also long before) not alone for reproduction, but as fun at the Freud / drift processing, but also as an important part of a relationship (marriage as well as love relationship!). The church, however, sees this differently and tries to get your (shrinking power) about it! And again hurts her own believers, as they behave in these things more like a dictator! We live in the Federal Republic of Germany! The basic guarantee usRight! Throughout the ground is not to submit the Catholics to your church! The ground is above what the church says or anyone else could say! When the church says (as example !!!!) "Who makes sex with a condom and still for fun at the Freud and unmarried, belongs to eternal hellfire !!" But according to the ground, this is the right of every German citizen! But apparently this does not fit the church! But that's their problem! And they run the faithful of them! But why??????? Because they are still in the 16th century ???? They could update themselves! But that's too complicated for these old sacks !!! In comparison, the church is as follows: The world is located in the 21th century. So in the current RealiTough! But the church still produces silent films as 1914! And then surprises why your products have no viewers! What do you do? Everything that is better than your production, it explains you as the product of the devil !!!! There is this topic of supremacy! Or something like that. The humanity for the sins of Adam and Eva must have. Or? Jesus died again for our sins! So it says or? So factually, however, this original sin is suggested and cleansed and every person is purely any guilt !!! Since God actually loves anyway (supposedly!) Everyone loves like his own child, this topic is likely to be ticked out anyway from the outset anyway! Which father is already voluntary, that's your own child in helllands ???? Nobody !!! In addition, you face (and not so far fetched), your grandfather would have taken care of in the 2nd World War for the Jews or others murdered on behalf of the Nazi regime. Your grandfather has died meanwhile without the one he has been concerned. Your father is in a nursing home and is decommissioned. But you are (as a direct descendant) tangible and completely fühl! So you take yourself to the chest and you will be charged and sentenced for the deeds Dines grandfather! Do you find that fair? Your grandfather was present at the shooting of 30-90 Jews, perhaps even shot himself. But you will be punished for his act although at the time may not even be charged your father! But from the principle HHe is exactly the same thing that the topic of supremacy and church propagates! (Propagated, in the truest sense of the words of propaganda !!!) In other words, if an ancestor was involved by you at the murder of Julius Caesar, then you will be punished for it! You think that's nonsense? There is completely right! But after the logic of the church it is completely legitimate, because of the inheritance debt (or like that is)! The church only wants one thing: preserving and expanding your power and money! And all the religions in the world want! If you would ask questions: "Which religion is the only true and right ???" So many religions there are, as many answers will you get to this question! No less, but no more! Because every (!!) religion for the RichHold, because they stop money !!!! How can he say that after the Bible homosexuality is no sin? God loves all his children! So why not those who are gay? And who determines what a sin is and what does not ??? The Bible? The centuries old is and the current situations / developments has not been brought up to date! God forgives each of his children or! And Jesus died for our sins or? So it's seen the "sin" of homosexuality tied !!! Or not ??? In my view (and I'm hetero!), The Bible is rather ambiguous! If one does not fit the first interpretation, one takes interpretation two and everything is in conformity with the church !!!! And the church wants / tries yoursMakes from the 16th century to get / save / protect because they are still (mentally) still in the 16th century !!!!! Who the church starts to talk, then I think: "Grandfather tells (once again !!! * Stop ....) from the German / French War of 1870/71 !!!!!" And that in 2021! "Then there is the latest Chaplin movie:" Lights of the big city! "Mute film from 1931 by Charlie Chaplin!" We and you (!) Are we in the 21st century! Show your people! I personally am a friend of open words and / or stubbornness! If someone does not like his view / work attitude and / or me, I take him to the breast! (Either he fakes then, or I've never seen in it because he was never there !! " I hope you understood (attachment of my examples), what and how I meant it! If you continue to ask SIN and / or inquiries: Dan ask me quietly! All the best to you!

How can he say that after the Bible homosexuality is no sin?