Why do we not go any objects?

2021-08-29 00:01:00 MARILYN

The original idea of ​​the gender is that women and persons of the third sex are not marginalized, Tamam? Only here is the question: Why only people?
The gender is assumed that the original words such as "teachers", "readers", "participants" etc, but only male (allegedly)

and therefore one finds in the entire German language Words the male are, like "salt shaker" for example. Is the word a man now? Would not you say then "salt shaker * inside?" Or instead of "the planet" "the * the planet * in"? How should we know whether planets are male?

It's about it's about it. Because so many words are male. Only male.


Because it is unnecessary. The salt shaker and the planet, like any other object, it does not matter if it has a "the", "the" or "that" as a grammatical (!) Gender.

"So many" words are not male, actually there are 12% more female nouns ( https://www.duden.de/sprachswissen/Prakhratgeber/die- distribution-Der-Artikel-genusangabe-im Law writeDudes #: ~: Text =% 20Deutsche% 20 language% 20IST% 20Marentice, volume% C3% A4% C3% 9figen% 20 distribution% 20The% 20 items% 20 goes. & Text =% 20S.% 2012% 20% 25% 20More% 20s 20substantive% 20% by% 20m% C3% A4nlal% 20 items. ).

Grammatical gender does not say anything about actual gender, otherwise not every diminutive would be due to persons but alsoM biological gender correspond to ... (the girl, the master, the male / male, the mistress, the Miss)


It's not about whether objects are male, but about that That one, if one says part of famous, suggests that it is only men. For in contrast to salt spreads, there is a female counterpart to participants, namely participants


hurt, right?!

If you want things, such as salt shaker or planet, only to!

Each of which is still clear in mind, owls that anyway

still a lot of fun


The gender is for me the helpless attempt to "deslyerize" the German language, if I may say that. EinfacH "The" instead of "who say that"!?