Do I exert?

2021-08-29 00:02:00 PAULA

I have a question for a long time and can still not accept it.

My husband had lost me at that time.

Before that happened, he made himself smart, at his Cousin, who is about the 38-40 years old as he should act for the first time he has also been able to talk to him with him for himself.

When he explained (is ok for me) But when he asked him if I have blown over WhatsApp, that was really very close to me and intimate.

My husband is myself Muslim from a strict family so as in the Middle Ages.

My husband did not bother him, he has just written him "yes" he told me and has only harmed him.

It was completely egal And it does not interest him as a Muslim who should protect his honor.

Even others would kill this cousin it seems to me as if he does not protect me and it would be a snoop.

Me Also said he should delete him from the Facebook from the Friends List, but he is more important what his cousin thinks if he deletes him I'm just unimportant in this topic for him

But hello who asks someone elsewhere Woman smoked in sex?


You do not seem so good with Islam. In Islam, this is completely normal that the relatives want to see the blood from the first time. Normally, e.g. The mother-in-law the bed sheet of the wedding night - and woe if no blood is visible - and shows it the entire wedding party. And from the moment you accepted in the family.


Before that happened, he made a smart, with his cousin, who is about 38-40 years old as he Should the first time

he has no internet? O.O

But hello Who asks by someone else if the woman has flooded with sex?


That was a very intimate moment only between you two. That really worksNo other something. I would betray and happen as shabby.


You know that and his family are ore conservative. They control women and men who would like to fulfill such things.

But it is made of pressure on the young men and appealed to the masculinity until the same arms and women are observed / controlling / controlling.

So that is not worse, talk to your husband and do it He clearly hurt him. Being here and now it must be with this architative nonsense, otherwise you are gone.

That that his relatives are absolutely in terms of nothing and you do not want further interference in your sex life or the he intimate detailsor told about your relatives of its relationship. Or he dared to apply ore-conservative women's timely suggestions and methods to you.

You can not completely prevent the chat, probably you talk to someone with any problems in sex and married life. Do you have to and he, as usual can you learn and improve, drain steam.

This bleeding alone, I now find not so bad for yourself, except they are architative and did drama made at the opposite.


Hello! First of all, I'm sorry for you! For the second, that's why I believe in something higher, but I do not really think about Christianity as he is lived, so from the book that tells about 600 years of stories thenIert! For you play silence post once, then you see what a grave of a minute has already resulted from a minute, and then after 600 years ??? How naive and gullible you have to be. Little, yes, even less, I think of the Muslim faith, which was very similar! I just do it with Muslims that they are always hiding their deeds behind their faith, as they confirm more or less often themselves, you can interpret many things like it or so, but you have to do that again in complete Consideration Looking at Bla Bla Blubs! That's why Ises, Thaliban, Mudschaheddin and the complete, resulting cheese. The one learn partly in Pakistan, Arabia already at school, they should kill all Christians who say the othersagain something completely different, sometimes all women have to be veiled, yes, otherwise they will even be executed, sometimes that every woman is left to himself, etc., etc.,! What's all this is just a nonsense, worse, it's no more