Which people do you prefer, empathic or hard?

2021-08-29 00:04:42 JAN

The question may sound for one or the other weird but I have the impression that some prefer to be friends with the hard people and those already race.

For me, empathy is at the top.

Empathy is a sign for humanity choose 89%

I do not care Choose 11%

Empathy can be quite nice but I prefer hard people choose 0%


I belong to the "hard" so I'm looking for people with the counterpole. I can not do anything that I have quite little empathy / feel.

However, in the right amount because with emotional people I can still start again.


Main thing People and good heart.



Since I am empath itself ... I underline it.

I am grateful for it.


But do not be empathetic from the top, preferably hard.


I do not stand on psychopaths

Which people do you prefer, empathic or hard?