Why does not I like dark water slides?

2021-08-29 00:06:39 MARION

If I get in a dark waterslide slide I get panic fears. Almost all water slides are so. Why is that ??

Is that so ???


For me it is not like that, but maybe you basically have a dislike against black things. Could also be that the dark slides appear to monstrous and chunky and do not find them so great.


Hello, Mmer123!

That has nothing with Antest to do, a slide into the water is far from a spatial narrow.

I have a guess:

You only bother the dark color, because you get a bad feel. If it is somewhes only gloomy ideas.

But, do not be afraid, that's not serious. You are not standing alone.

With love greetings, Renate.


Heyyy Mmer123!

I WEAlso not where that comes, but suspect that it hangs together:

If you do not see anything, or it is generally dark, that's just a bad sign for the body.

Man Connects with dark yes mostly bad feelings.

You could therefore be afraid because you move into you into the dark and do not look exactly where it works.

You are scared that you are scared happened and suddenly something unfamiliar there is.

I hope I could help you.

LG Luna123944


You may be suffering from claustrophobia, so the fear of narrow closed rooms.

I can understand that very well.


Because your brain has no orientation in this darkness. It has KAn idea where it is, that's why you feel that anxiety

I think such slides cool, because you have no idea how fast you are and so


Why does not I like dark water slides?