Why is there a vaccination obligation now?

2021-08-29 00:07:09 PAT

Who has read the news knows that Hamburg now requires vaccination if you want to go shopping there in the supermarket. So this has nothing more with indirectly accessible but is directly because you need food and the older people have no idea of ​​the Internet so they can not order. This regulation is unnecessary anyway.

With mask still and everything would have been good This 2G regulation is against the freedom of man and is still completely not needed. It's about it's that it is more and more about the dignity of man and does not make sense because it can also spread the virus as a vaccinator.

Hamburg robs liberties.


No, it will not. The shopping in the supermarket is not right!

What is correct: Making cinemas, restaurants etc will decide for 2G. For that you dug you more people clean. That's their thing as you do it. You may not have any problems. I think that's good


Which news did you read? It's about restaurants, cultural and sporting events, no word about supermarkets.

In addition, it is for a vaccination relatively no matter if he is infected or not, in a vaccinated is the chance to infect much smaller and even if it is rarely worse than a normal infection.


The higher the viral load in a society (ie the more ErkraNKEN, because they are not vaccinated), the greater the likelihood that mutants are developing that may even be resistant.
The proportion of vaccinated patients is 0.27%. Please compare this with the proportion of non-vaccinated patients. And reflection.
and consult serious sources.


What many do not understand:

When you get a vaccine is the course of the disease, if it comes to a lot less than a corona infection.

In both cases, it is then vaccinated or recovered.

If now, for example, by next year, kain of 80% of people in DE are vaccinated and 20% are neither genuine nor vaccinated means that inevitably means that the 20% that can not be vaccinatedWelfen earlier or later Corona get.

That in turn means that one rather takes a serious course of illness, instead of vaccinating.

It's about the fact that it is more and more about the dignity of man and does not make sense because it can also spread the virus as a vaccinator.

Of course you can wear the virus as a vaccinated virus and Spread.
However, one can not get sick anymore.

means when all vaccinated (ie all people in the world) will no longer exist Corona, at least not in the form.
But if there are people who are against it, which will always be infected with Corona and it is also passed on => Logical reverse lock => Corona will always give it.


For supermarkets that does not apply. Only for gastronomy, retail, hairdresser, cinema and other events. So distinguish things. Supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, etc. belong to everyday needs. So everything that was open during Lockdown.

Honestly, I do not want to go to 2G rule transactions / events where all measures are canceled. The likelihood of fueling it, I appreciate as very high. Especially vaccinated will become increasingly infected in the next few weeks due to dropping distance rules and contact restrictions as well as a deceptive sense of security and also be contagious. The vaccine does not protect against transmission of the virus, but only in front of a severe disease course (at least IIn most cases, a guarantee is still not). I prefer to be voluntarily remotely from these places.

Why is there a vaccination obligation now?