How was life in the 80s?

2021-08-29 01:00:43 CHELSEA


Hello good question. The 80 goals were not had been a lot outside. And there were no cell phones. And you have played a lot of board games. And built football. And built with friends Please still have a nice evening.lg Klose11


played outside, just arranged at the meeting point, who came came, who did not come home arrest, all have held together, shit, built, it It was not energized even if you were the sacrifice.

At home you were only for dinner, or if it was so cold that you did not stand out for long.

The highest of the Feelings was a ghettoblaster (cassette radiorecorder) in the forest or at the lake at a technical wrapper.

We had a VFirst concourse with beer, cigarettes and sangria.nie would one have come up with the idea of ​​taking it away.


exciting and exciting .... Much was much more creative and the youth was much more creative. ..

.. eg Hardly limited in the art and media area of ​​the imagination ... Music from Germany was in demand and there was a lot of new projects ...

.. On the other hand, one had constantly the uneasy feeling that "cold War "goes into his final phase (which actually happened only differently). At the end of the 80s then the wall ...


just horny, in east as in west, fewer regulations, much original, social and

easier, one could also be drunk for 10 GDR marks, girl could appealEchen (personally) without being equally sexistic


One was still allowed to have my own opinion.

How was life in the 80s?