Leibetkummer because of existing BZH?

2021-08-29 04:03:29 HECTOR

I'm 16 and have been together with my first girlfriend for 2 months, but we already know each other for some time. I love her so much but just have the feeling that I do not even close to her as important to me. It seems to me as if it did not matter if we do not see each other a few days. Have a totally lovesick and does not know what to do, but does not want to separate me from her


Meet yourself with her often, if you want to see her, thereby reinforcing your relationship with each other and if your feeling then does not change, talk to her. Communication is all! Good luck


Almost exactly the same I had too. Just try to ask for meetings more often and so. But if you notice that nothing comes back then let her fidget !! Just wait and do not ask after meeting, then you'll see if your side is out of all. If not then it is a pity but do not think whole strength in the relationship. You make yourself done yourself.


Clearly one would like to be alone sometimes, but especially in fresh relationsYou spend each other every second. Maybe she feels like you but you could never really convey it. Talk about it and you will then go much better and solve your problems after all ^ ^

Leibetkummer because of existing BZH?