Which batman do you visually find best?

2021-08-29 04:04:48 YVONNE

Which of the following Batmans do you find optically best?

Robert Pattinson:

Ben Affleck:

Christian Bale (The Dark Knight):

Christian Bale (Batman Begins):

George Clooney:

Val Kilmer:

Michael Keaton:

Incidentally, I find the "Batman Begins" Batman best.

Christian Bale (The Dark Knight) Choose 60%

Christian Bale (Batman Begins) Choose 13%

Robert PattinsoN choose 7%

Ben Affleck Choose 7%

Val Kilmer Choose 7%

Michael Keaton Choose 7%

George Clooney Choose 0%


I like the Dark Knight Batman best. His outfit looks best and strong.


Probably a very subjective opinion of me. Was just one of the first Batman movies I looked at.


Christin Bale was the best that there was yes and also giving his triology was just best

Which batman do you visually find best?