Friend pushes me that I satisfy myself ... Why?

2021-08-29 05:02:06 OTIS

Hello, I (15) have been together for 1 1/2 years with my 2 year older friend (17). Since whom we true for 7 months he realized that he would like to have seggs but I was not ready to do so what he accepted. Until 9 months but he became impatient and urged me to say something came to our first time ... so for both of us from the very first time. At first I regret it but then it was okay and we had something (not as often because I did not want too often and we only wanted to be okay for both). When we were 15monate ZSM came so a time where every time one had no time to meet (1 month long) and when we had seen each other again, I had my period during which I did not want to have seggs. There was me that IHim come (everything was okay too).

We have rare seggs now because I have noticed for me that I am not quite so far and he said he accepts it ... yes, because of often he makes me (supposedly for fun) alleged that we have no seggs ... and every time I go bathing he says yes, to look around what you horny findstitch tell him every time I have never grabbed myself and it does not irritate me at all Why do I currently do not want to do it, but he urges me every time with seggs or fumbling

People like I can tell him that I do not want that and why is that?



Then he is vllt. Just not the right one!

But if you like him, it works vllt. If you talk to him about it!

Something is not clear! I would not accept anything in any case and if necessary, if it is no different, finish!



Honestly you should have concluded if Whole time for such things I consert I think slowly is that the most important thing in this relationship. To satisfy his sexual wishes. You should have done with him already long ago. If you are important to him then he must stop if it does not stop. So you know if he really feels something for you. But I would do youto make the end of the emphelia. I hope I could help you :)


That he accepts it that you do not want, is a lie.

Because otherwise he would not try again every time you urge you, but patiently wait for you to sign him from you, that you want sex.

That you were ready to get him a down to get completely sufficient, but no, he wants more.


Close. You would have already been to do.

The type has exceeded quite many boundaries and generally do not respond at all.

I do not believe that you are both ripe enough for a serious relationship. Neither he nor you.


Good evening, when he pushes you he is not the right one, you make anything else what he wants ... thinking you are ripe enough for it! He maybe only glued to you ... Do not be a pity for it. Good luck