Is Islam the mostly split religion?

2021-08-29 05:02:57 DARLA

Even among the scholars there are almost every topic of disagreements.

Does anyone in the world be what the true Islam and the Sharia is?

The Ottomans also ruled with the Sharia only with the difference that different peoples had lived together in peace and freedom and when I Afghanistan , Saudi Arabia or Pakistan look at.

There are a variety of opinions in Islam due to Hadithe who make everything so complicated. I do not know any religion where something so crass is unclear as Islam and how many Muslims in Europe do not really check Islam. Exactly as little as the Muslims in the Middle East.


Even in Christianity, there are countless 'sects', say splits ...

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So that in Ottoman Rich all peacefully balanced is basically wrong. But it is true that there are many legal schools and therefore not always consensus.


Good The voice use is a bit different, but this is the author and the template he uses to translate. But the meaning and the concrete message is always the same.

I had the German version three different and a Russian, it is the same in it is only a word is written differently, instead of e.g. Looking is used.

It also works around the two things Jesus Uns preached:

Matthaus 22: 36-39 Master, which is the most distinguished bid in law?

But Jesus said to him: You should love God, your Lord, wholeheartedly, of whole soul and whole mind.

This is the most distinguished and largest bid.

But the other one is the same: you should love your neighbor like yourself.

Da You can still have as many Bibles and translations as you want, these words are only needed to find God.