Can someone listen to me ... :(?

2021-08-29 07:01:53 KRISTI


I am female and 19 years old. I have been a heavy depression for several years and has been very difficult for about 2 weeks. I really want to do something, today I had a knife in the hand. My parents never listen to me so that they do not even know that I have a depression at all, they mean, I put an overflow with everything. But I'm really so bad :( I cried four times today and my eyes are so red, you see how broken my soul is. I have so strong heartaches, nausea, have not eaten almost nothing because I have no appetite and that Worst thing is still that it goes in the school as well (no friends). I write my abi coming year and could not even relax in the holidays (Pressure because of Abi from my parents, I should learn what ..). Unfortunately, I have always had to fight the last two years at school alone. My trust teacher was also shit as I'm fine, I only told her all in my life because she really wants and now hats me disappointed. How should I trust someone? I hope I do not nerve you and that you listen to me. Maybe can give a council. I certainly know that there are people outside, which have a good heart..mich thank you now with you ☹️


You describe a comprehensive psychic problem that the usual therapeutic approach may not be enough for you. It would be important that you are now expressing some with your many psychic "construction sites" (such as your self-determined compulsion to graduate next year). I think it makes sense to focus fully on mental recovery. In my view, this could be better in a good psychiatric specialist clinic than in the domestic framework. Of course with your family doctor about it or - if this can not get in or wants to transfer - lass'dich to a specialist in neurology and psychiatry. Psychiatrists like to prescribe and fast drugs that can also helpEN. The clinic question should then be discussed yet. Since such appointments can always give some waiting, here a recommendation that has proven to be helpful for many depressed people: According to scientific findings, it is for people who suffer from depression, not in the room or bed Crawl "but to go out to do some sports. Of course, no power sports but perhaps hiking, jogging, cycling, etc. Ideal would also be the participation in communal ball game. Otherwise, I wish you a good improvement and I am convinced that you will achieve the patience with some patience!


If you are so bad and you have the need to tease something to do something dicH in a psychiatry of your treating psychiatrist. You can also choose the emergency call 112 at any time.



How can I / we can help you? Your situation sounds really awful! I hope so much better!
As others have already written here, one psychiatrist may be an option. Do you mean it would help if you go to your parents, they asked to put themselves together with you and then just tell them everything? Then you could tackle this situation together.
I wish you a lot of courage and strength! If you need someone to talk, I like to write me. You can do it!


Can someone listen to me?

Yes, I can dListen to.

I know that life is hard, had a hard time for a very long time, it now depends on how to handle it. To go to a therapist is already beginning, a first discussion you get relatively fast. But it is customary that you are waiting for a therapy place for a long time. Am himself on the waiting list and must wait for it for more than a year, what I really find "super".

I can give you a guide to you, which helped me enormously this year. Trying to make sports, start walking, bring you to other thoughts and strengthens the psyche.

is unfortunately a bit bad with the weather. You could possibly go to Gym.

What my therapist is stillhas said that it is important to be healthy meals and also come out more often.

It is important to lose the version otherwise it will be difficult with the abi.

I wish you meanwhile good improvement, you will come through. If you need someone to write, I'm here.


If you are really sooo bad and the next appointment is in half a year, then call on every case 112! Suggest !!


Can someone listen to me ... :(?