Genders - How can you do that well?

2021-08-29 07:03:42 IDA

I do not understand how to find something like that. This is an official post of dayview. One thinks it would be a satire account over the gender.


The question is more likely to be so artificially upset ... instead, you could just read it from it - like all the other over that constantly It reads out because it does not concern .

It's here, it will remain, you can easily arrange yourself if you do not want to try it out to the problem.


Of course not at all and these constant discussions are only There for the "Overton Window" and the opinions in the direction " yes you should not move completely as radical ".

It will be all possible deginers to get it against the will of the majority of society in the heads. Music or ignorance is the best wayWith ..


are not a medium for the general public, which rejects genders, which is also provable by surveys. Or you want to polish people. This is not explanatory.

Genders - How can you do that well?