How do I explain my parents that I am non-binary?

2021-08-29 07:06:16 TONY

So right to the point

I'm probably non-binary and recent I was in a holiday week and when I was back home, of course I told something. Then crest it to the point where I felt a few boys Fun Halbert and I'm fun blah bla bla a little later I still told that a boy wearing such a cool "men" pants and showed them a picture. Her Mum said my mum "You're a girl" (she did not say it directly but I think she did not mean it angry) and I just turned out that I do not want to be a girl. When I was back in my room, my mum came into the room and asks if I want to be a boy but I could not really answer and did not know how to explain it to herte.

Yo ka if that was necessary to tell that but yes had to go out yk


I would go to her and pick up the topic again.

Then say that you are not a boy, but you stay with your statement, you are not a girl.

Then it will either understand or ask. If she asks, you say how it is.

Genitists do not always specify which sex the brain listens. Explain it so in about ...

This develops in mother belly:

Sometimes it is a female brain in a male body.

Sometimes a male brain sometimes, for example, a male brain In a sexless body.

But of course, sometimes the brain is sexless, in a binary body. (This variation has so many varied variants. That's why the many labels)

EWhen you clarify that you have the body of a girl, but you are in reality non-binary.

I hope it was helpful.


I myself Do not understand it either. Know male and female. And clearly there are those who feel in the wrong gender. Ok, you can do something against. There is hetero, bi and homo. But all other funny names will also be too difficult for parents

How do I explain my parents that I am non-binary?