I do not let myself be vaccinated what do you think?

2021-08-29 08:02:32 THEODORE


That's perfectly fine, it's your personal decision on what you do with your body. Actually, you would have to praise you even for the courage that you still trust you in this situation to meet such a decision.


Then wear a mask, wash your hands and avoid coughing or avoiding coughing Sneezing when people are around you ... and do not try to stack at others.


I'm not interested. I mean hope for the selection advantage.


comprehensible. Vaccinate does not help, this shows the example of Israel. Has only side effects. Most of the auspicion of vaccination will not be accepted by doctors.

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were sick - talking to: if the leaflet is true ..




When I was teacher, I would give you a positive entry with asterisks. Your decision, I do not actually have to evaluate :)

I do not let myself be vaccinated what do you think?