What was that?

2021-08-29 12:05:23 RACHAEL

For about two days I was suddenly depressed, and often had to breathe the feeling. As if something were suffocating me, and I was very moody, and very mentally unstable. It was getting worse until I almost only had angry and dangerous thoughts.

Then I prayed to God, and someone else prayed for me, suddenly I flew about 1 meter to the back, and all the negative feelings were gone.

What was that? Was that a demon?

And why does it help pray every time I feel so hopeless?

If there is no God according to atheist, how can that be?


You can also pray to Nutella, and look there, it works anyway, if you believe in it. Believe is the keys! But why? Because the energy comes from ourselves, and not from the outside, if you strongly believe and thinking that someone will help us, in reality, we unfold our thoughts and will in energy, and thus free ourselves, from such beings, that only Fear can scare and hardly have energy. We are God.


This is called visualization. It is positive thinking. That helps of course.

That with the meter you've flown "is quark. People do not fly.


is probably probably imagining. Just like dream beginners, one believes thatIt works and exactly because it is so ...

What was that?