What should this social split in vaccinated and unclear? Can not you handle norm

2021-08-29 17:01:47 JANICE


Corona is a drama. Previously, the citizens who do not participate in the city council or in special quarters were simply so. Each city had suffered something for epidemics. Today the pressure is done differently. I think all who are healthy should be vaccinated. So that people are too ill for a vaccine do not get infected.


This is how the world stops. Just today in times of the Internet, where everyone lives in his filter bubble and shows what he's reacting, causing everything only in extreme.

Everyone sees himself in the right and because you are right and the good one In the story, the other must have injustice and the evil will be.

Measures, which then rather useT will additionally produce pressure to force the free decision without vaccination, of course does not make better, but then only ensures further exclusion of people and appropriate social cleavage.

was the worst in the worst in the beginning Reference to corona. Has already started by providing anyone who was not satisfied with the corona policy as a coronealealer, leaned into holocaust leaners or equally associated with the evil Nazis, because that works in Germany very well and easily.

Of course there were some radiated figures but at Demos and Co. were just as many small or solo-religious who lost everything whose life what they have built up for decades in shardsShe lay before them and because they have dared to clap they were portrayed in publicly as right extremists. Was a lot of mitigation from the beginning to press, which makes people with imperial flag in a photo, if one finds suburb no ..

At least me as healthy young people do the things during the Pandemic in politics, the media and society decreased much more fear than the virus.


With fear and panic, the masses are easiest to direct.


Much worse is the social cleavage in people with driver's license and people without driver's license.


parts and rules!