Are people natural herbivores?

2021-08-29 18:03:07 ERMA

If you look at our denture, then we have no fangs literally and we have no claws, e.g. Lions. By the way, all of these carnivores have a much shorter intestine than us, so that the meat is digested quickly, and all the ENDE ENZYME in the gut as we. By the way,

By the way, you often hear that too often meat food is unhealthy, I think I think I think I think Have never heard that apples, potatoes or peas eating is unhealthy.

What is your opinion


people are omnivores. Cellulose we could only very bad until not digest what, for example, many pure herbirds can. As a rule, people eat more herbal food as meat but from dentition and digestion are people omnivores. Chimpanzees have no claws they have strong canines but also no carniveter bite and they eat meat if not often. But meat is sustainable in chimpanzes, even swapping sex against meat in chimpanzees.

Potatoes peas or beans raw would be unhealthy even toxic or slightly toxic.


"If you look at our denture, then we have literally no fangs"

already noticed like our EckzähNe look?

"Have no claws, e.g. Lions."

But we have no hooves. And claws would be rather hindering for our shape of the hand ..

"Incidentally, all these carnivores have an animal species a much shorter intestine than us, so that the meat is digested quickly, and all the ENDEE enzymes in the gut as we."

But we also have only one stomach, udn our intestine is also far not as pronounced as in pure herbes. You could say that we are fully such a middle thing ...

So Until here, your arguments are pretty flat. Our body anatomy and development have made "rice teeth" meaningless. In addition, a carnivore does not necessarily have to be a primary predator, including no pure ruberI have to have dentition. Conversely, not all herbivores have a pure ruminant dentition. Schi's reason because not all Herbivore eats exclusively grass / foliage and use their teeth as a weapon. The fact that we can easily digest meat as well as plants up to a certain, healthy degree proves unobackable, which we are mixed tombs. And small Fun Fact on the edge: In dogs is discussed, or is now recognized that they are also one of the omnizants, which is only due to human coexistence. And they have claws, rice teeth and a relatively short bowel. What does that tell us? Development / Evolution can postpone the food behavior. UDN may occur that a food resortersNZ is present. In a dog, the preference is clearly on meat, in humans the preference is actually superimposed on herbal food. Should be called: The dog eats too much vegetarian or GSR Vegan, he will get the same problems in comparison as a person who eats only meat.

Incidentally, meat is not unhealthy, that's simply wrong. What is unhealthy is the amount of meat and its processing, which can be unhealthy.


We are mammals and nature of carnivores.

The tear teeth have formed Zrück evolutionary. Man came up with the idea to proponate the meat.

apropo in the relationship of the blind farm is important for the plants digestion. With miceEven more clearly, mice are also plants eater. In and humans, the blind farm has become a mini appendage that gladly ignites you. So evolutionary and genetics Conditioned, we are misrepresented plants.


I would say we are "omnivore," in German. We can eat both fruits and vegetables as well as meat, without getting big difficulties with digestion .. Unfortunately we eat too much of the good. The caveman of that time had to go behind his food and succeed. It was not gait and giving meat on the table. Conclusion: We eat too much and drive too little sports. . LG. :)


that our denture is more likely to rip the meat is correct, but is Es also for crushing leaves, or cracking of nuts absolutely unsuitable. The reason for this is that our ancestors used fire already to cook their food softly, making a strong denture no longer necessary and has decided in the course of time.

Our digestion has also adapted to predominantly cooked food, but we are very popular to digest raw meat, but many herbal foods are raw indigestible for us, or even poisonous.

Use the intestinal length as an indicator for the nutritional form does not work, and as omnivore, we are well able to digest vegetable food ingredients, so it is absolutely to expectThat our digestive system does not correspond to that of a pure carnivor. With the digestive tract of a pure herbivor (such as cattle, sheep, etc.), by the way, our intestine does not have much together.

Are people natural herbivores?