Which animal would you prefer to be?

2021-08-30 02:02:03 CHERYL

Imagine you, you feel a scene converter (e.g., Woodwalker or Seawalker). Which animal would you like to have a secondary figure?

It would be nice if you would add the more accurate kind, eg: bird - eagle, or: fish - Tigerhai

bird choose 27%

Other Answer Choose 27%

Fish Choose 18%

Mammal Choose 18%

Insect, spider, mollusk Choose 9%

Amphib Choose 0%

Reptile Choose 0%


I would want to be a hyena, more precisely a potting hyena.

- have the strongest mammalian bite Thelma

I Want to Be Monke. Preferably chimpanze or Gorilla


The top primitive type - a person.


like bat, dog a life as a reptile, but I also prefix


Parrot. Then I can blew and laugh for 100 years.

Which animal would you prefer to be?