Fast fall asleep?

2021-08-30 03:02:58 NEIL

I have school again and would like to sleep so I'm not tired tomorrow. But I have in recent times Schlaf Problems I can not fall asleep. The Apothebra has too and I can not buy. I only have 2 years of sleepy drops at home. What can I do pot to sleep better


Milk with honey? Helps to relax with me, can never sleep and I drink it and it helps, or if you have a cat or dog or such an animal, you can take it into your bed, my cat always purrs that help somehow

And you can also buy in DM or Bipa Baldrian or other sleep tablets or drops


Hello Anja785!

It's always the head of there problems Power and I know some who create it: Think of sleeping over a positive story. You are a heroine, a special athlete, superstar or model, rescue important people or equal to all humanity.

You are unbeatable, 100 opponents? Nothing! You will be in this way about the KOPF positive (that's important!) Tire and fall asleep. Works once, it always works and the problem is sustainable.

Have a nice evening, good luck


I always drink a bell rendee. There is in the drugstore.

Furthermore, in the evening no longer look at screens and drink nothing caffeine. I help me asleep also meditation or breathing techniques


Since you can not do anything.

This is completely normal that your sleep rhythm must first regulate after the holidays.

Greeting Dayx19

Fast fall asleep?