Buy horse or dog?

2021-08-30 03:04:29 MALCOLM

I just do not know if I should finally get your own horse or your own dog.

Dog Choose 75%

Horse Choose 25%


That depends on how much money you have available and what you want to do with the animal.

I find the question a bit strange. I know that I want a dog or a horse. Is not a decision like "should I buy a VW or audi."


If you are still undecided, wait and buy none of them. It would be clear, the desire would be really big enough to take care of animal life with all heights and depths and investments.


I would personally say dog ​​even if egg horse also cool is a dog is so loyal and so nice. But in the end, you have to decide what you love more and wish you more


Ask you, WelchEuropean animal you can do justice. That's much harder than one to buy.


Well, you can not compare that. Even financially there are worlds in between. You do not write anything about it, whether you have experience with dogs, horses already have experience u. How the respective animal fits in your life. So no - as long as you have to ask something in the network, you prefer. So or so it's about living things ... For me, your question in this form does not transport that. Just as good could have been there "which book should I read tonight" ... I do not make the impression as if you really have put you apart.

Buy horse or dog?