I hope at least?

2021-08-30 03:05:29 JERALD

That's what happens after death is better than life.


My opinion is that God is a concept / construct of people, but may be of any other opinion.

Therefore, after death, nothing comes, in my opinion.


Better You take care of your salvation in your current life for your salvation, health, problems, etc. If you have mental health problems that can be addressed at the psychologist. Financial etc. at the debtor consultation or social counseling etc. If you do not get along with your situation alone, get help, but the contact points are there. You are not alone!

All the best


Two possibilities, one, there is nothing else, the other, it exists one, the almighty, and then white Only it, what in eternityEHT.


Illusion! .... you have to assume that your life is the best you can get here! ... If you are not good enough, improve it!

... "What Bess'res than death,

You can find it all,

Thus * S has no distress! ";)


That depends on it where to get. If you come to paradise, then I agree with that life will then be much better than here, but if you come to hell, then I would say that life is much better here on Earth.


In all likelihood, nothing after death comes nothing. But that's better than life, so gEnter your wish

I hope at least?