How can I arouse his interest?

2021-08-30 05:02:15 ERNESTINE

I was at a party yesterday and got his number from a boy. I've not written with him today but not so long, he's gentle and playing a lot, he answers very short sometimes with Jo, etc.

I've written what he has read it and did not answer it ( was today). I find the boy sweet and would interest me how I can arouse for me with him

He likes to go, does almost only that as a hobby and he is single


Heavy .. Even such a dude on WhatsApp but she lets the news only read only because he allegedly has too many unopened messages and then forgets me.

Did not ask why he does not answer and that is completely erased .. Dear not write more and done.

But try to ask if you can write more with him. Or maybe Irl meet? At least he does not squeeze off the telly. You can talk and do whatever you want.

If not just forget it. Should he marry his console


You are his new toy

How can I arouse his interest?