What does music mean?

2021-08-30 05:03:56 BILLIE

How important is music in life? Maybe make yourself which?
Write also what makes music for you something important or why it gives more important to you.

>> Music is for me ...

... enormously important Choose 82%

... already important choose 14%

... just music choose 4%

... not particularly important choose 0%

... something I do not like Choose 0%


Listen and make music for my life! ♥

There are photos, as I sit as a 3-year-old with headphones on the floor and listen to music ... and that's long ago, especially since I have been active in the music scene for more than 30 years! ^^ + GG

Music is a huge part of my life and therefore I also have a huge music collection that is steadily bigger and bigger .... * happy

and herself Of course, the music on a real hi-fi plant is a great dream that I have fulfilled a few years ago.

Apart from the fact that I made a vocal training in a choir, I play (e-, A-, TA) guitar, bass, drums, piano, keyboard, Kazoo and Triangle! And harmonica natural! * Bluesy

Songs I have already written and my biggest "commercial" success was that once a song composed and written was in place 1 of the German charts and another song in 6th place in the songwriter charts!

Already organized concerts and festivals and was even partners from a radio playful studio and a radio, where I was also a guest speaker often.

Know many bands and artists personally and Was already on thousands of concerts and festival across Europe ...

So with me that's: "Music What My First Love and It Will Be My Last. Music of the Furture and Music Of The Past" ; -)


in the 15 years pain after herniated disc, I lost myself to musicERT, not allowed to go under U tempted in 3 orchestras.

Since I can heal, I do not need music anymore.


Good evening IOOO45,

This is a wonderful question!

Music has always fascinated me since I was a small child and does it still today. When I games instruments, I feel blessed every day that I can be in contact with this mystical world that touches every soul that can hear and feel. It is an infinite ocean of potential and emotions that enhance life. Music has often saved me in the deepest situations and I think she will be my salvation until the end.

Without music, my life would be so boring. Nothing makes me happier than if I'm eIne new kind of music discover that I have never heard before. I love it when a random song seems to speak to my soul on the radio. I also have hundreds of songs on my phone, all of them in one way or another being especially for me. I have created playlists for many of my emotions: songs when I feel sad, happy, frustrated, peaceful or enthusiastic.

If someone shares his favorite song with me, it's like I would get a little insight into his life. And if I am my music with other parts, it is as if I'm in a secret part of my identity.

Music brings me through the day. I hear her as I put the laundry, go to school, wait in the snake, by diE Neighborhood Run and even when brushing your teeth. Maybe that's a bit exaggerated, but I do not think I could live without them.

For me it is extremely important. It is part of my life, as long as I can remember and I have heard almost all genres and found something that I love or likes. I always have some song in mind, even if I do not hear anything.

I learned to play a few simple songs on the ukulele to play when I was about 10 or 11. In the second class, I started playing guitar and play them until today, as well as the ukulele.

I hope I could help you so far.

Greetings, and pleasant evening,



come down toM Sport, at work, in the car .... everywhere duddle it with me. Through my parents, I have caught musically every decade, intercepted at the 60s with the Stones and the Beatles and until today. Preferably, I love music from the end of the 90 and the beginning of the 2000. But as well as one can also inspire me with older things. No instrument himself


Simply to cheer me again when I'm sad or just for fun music plays an important role in my life but games yourself unfortunately no instrument

What does music mean?