Which three of the triplet on RTL do you like so far best and why: Lashet, Baerb

2021-08-30 05:04:29 ALAN

I do not watch the choose 43%

Baerbock Choose 18%

Scholz Choose 18%

Lashing Choose 11%

All Bad Choose 11 %

All good choose 0%


So I like the content of Mrs. Berbock best. Lashing has neither pet soundness nor content for me. Even before, he never convinced me. His appearance was not convincing neither before. But in the end, Scholz will do it well and become new chancellor. I can not imagine that Germany is ready for a green Chancellor.

Horquit the lashing times. He can not even answer properly. Instead, stupid counter questions come back. And on the tour he drove all the time. Instead of rather than hotly it is the party-internal or just a stupid counter question. Very bad. Embarrassing idea of ​​him.

Annalena B is great. What she says is convincing. Unfortunately, she is green and still very young. Greenwith. But Germany? That is hard. There was never before. And is unfortunately unlikely. In addition, Germany chooses too traditional. But still better than AFD or even right, extremely no direction in which direction. But do not choose and only meckers I also find a NO-GO !!!

LG Antje

PS: What I choose I did not betray. The letter for the choice is gone tomorrow. I gave my voice. And I'll do that with every choice.


I set Lashing. But he has built the first 10 minutes. Now he looks embarrassing again. Ne ne that does not come over well.

Baerbock was concrete Gaerade. But she should not tell everything she prohibited everything.

Scholz remains cool and rattles down. Unfortunately DER best. It's cruel


Choose FDP Nevertheless

Which three of the triplet on RTL do you like so far best and why: Lashet, Baerbock or Scholz?