Could Germany become bigger?

2021-08-30 06:02:19 ARTHUR

Yo sometimes I think of why I in DE Live although I could actually live in my home Turkey although we have 2 large houses. But since I'm born here, I feel well in DE.

I've been asking myself if Germany could ever get bigger, for example, for example, by crossing Austria and DE but that would not be very bigger than usual. For Turkey it is 783.562 km² and at ÖSI it is 83,879 km² Where it is at DE 357.386 km²

You must also say that it used to be 1,800,000 km² in the Ottoman Empire from Turkey. Is a great loss but Istanbul as other important places have been lucky enough.

I just ask myself whether the growing could not be by war but by niceness. Or is something like thatHe unlikely?


Whether Germany is greater or Turkey, is for me.

If I was you, so perfectly Turkish could speak, then my friend and I have been emigrating to Turkey for a long time . We have been traveling for over 20 years, 3 weeks in spring and autumn to Alanya or Antalya Region.

You have 2 houses in Turkey, what keeps you here?

But despite everything , even if we can not speak perfectly Turkish, we want to emigrate in the near future.


"Our country" will become bigger if it is no longer Germany, but when the United States of Become Europe.

Ideally, it could be the second largest imp into the limits of Lisbon to Vladivostok and the Earme sea to CyprusErium of world history after the British Empire will become. In contrast, the US would be more insignificant.


The time of spatial expansion is over for Germany and the other EU countries. On the other hand, laws applicable to the EU countries. And of course, as a NATO partner impossible.

That would only be through aggressive expansion, ie warrior actions. And that would not make Germany anymore. The use for the EU speaks little for a corresponding expansion joy.

In addition, the AMIS still have too many good-occupied bases in Germany, as Germany could make something like that without having right now the NATO in the neck.

But also the question of why. Why should Germany correspondingEnd ambitions?


Previously, the German Reich was greater, especially in the East-belonging areas to Germany. Due to World War II, Germany has lost the territories.

The size of a country is less relevant anyway. There are small states that are much further developed than big states. Furthermore, Germany is big enough for its population.

There will not be a merger with Austria. But certainly an extreme cooperation within the EU would be possible, with the nationalist tendencies in Europe as currently rather talking against.


A merger of Germany and Austria is not possible, on the other hand, any irregular laws . Germany canE only get bigger when the North Sea resides terrain.

Could Germany become bigger?