Which marvel movies coming soon (still this year) are you looking forward to?

2021-08-30 07:05:56 JASMINE

(a) Spider-Man: No Way Home

(B) Venom: Let There Be Carnage

(C) Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

(a) Choose 50%

(b) Choose 36%

(C) Choose 7%

Other ... Choose 7%


Most of all I am looking forward to Spider-Man. Found FFH class and was already curious as it continues especially because of the nasty end, because I know how it is Peter to his outing. And the trailer was Mega class and you would like to see the movie immediately.

I'm already looking forward to the movie: The Eternals. They are very interestant and make a curious. I like the Lauren Ridloff along. They already found them very interests in TWD and I'm curious as they were integrated with them.


According to the first part, I'm really looking forward to the successor, the trailer was already pretty amazing .

No Way Home I'm probably looking for when he appears on Disney +, I found theNew Spiderman movies with Tom Holland although well, but they did not pack me so much for Marvel's relationship.

At Shang Chi, I'm also very curious, the trailers are already saying pretty good and I'm looking forward to whom bridges to be beaten to the first Iron one, where the terrorists kidnapped the Tony also called the 10 rings.

The film I'm most pleased, but I did not specify because he appears only 2022 is "Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness". Doctor Strange is by far my favorite character in the MCU and I have been waiting for years on a continuation


No Way Home Sounds funny and the trailer was great :)

Venom I have never looked at me and that sounds with Shang-ChiLess exciting as a Spiderman: D

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Smiling Tiger


I'm looking forward to spiderman but I'm looking forward to Shang Chi


Spider-Man is generally my favorite Avenger and the trailer really convinced me!

Which marvel movies coming soon (still this year) are you looking forward to?