Opinion to Islam?

2021-08-30 09:01:37 MATTIE

I find the religion pretty violent and bad if you look what everything is in the Qur'an ...


violent? Then look into the Old Testament rather look at him before showing finger on others


I know the religion only from the say of other people; But have never read me, which is why I can not articulate any educated opinion. But I have recently talked to my support student over 9/11 and we have come to the consensus that you can not simply put the followers of a religion in a drawer. But this applies to all religions. For example, there are "Christians" that are homophobic. But now you can not say that all are homophobic.


I can not do anything with religion, etc. Because in Islam people differenceA lot of value and violence against women is relativized. The only truly peaceful religion is Buddhism because he has no power claims.


Islam is a peaceful religion. Unfortunately, Islam has gotten a bad impression over the decades, since today it is very unilaterally looked at this religion. Many unfortunately combine this religion with terrorist attacks or huge acts. Unfortunately, this is supported by media that do not really have a positive story about making your quota well. But if you deal with the matter more, one recognizes the more that Islam only wants good. The 5 columns are a good example of this. They put the foundation of our religion. This leghaLets the creed, pray 5 times a day, pilgrims to Mecca, Zakkat (donation for the poor) and fasting at Ramandan. You can see that any of them contains something wrong or violent. Basically, respect and tolerance is something very important in Islam and we have to live after this principle to ensure a peaceful life with other religions. Unfortunately, there are also people who misinterpret or abuse Islam. However, all Muslims distance themselves, as we themselves know that they make false things.


The Bible also has very violent rules. But at something like that, Christians do not stick and the Koran is the same. In addition, it depends on the people, not to religion

Opinion to Islam?