What should one do if you're afraid of something?

2021-08-30 09:01:58 SABRINA

BSP is afraid of something, or that is a hurdle for a self.

Can everything can be, for example, just

  • fear to go out because you only sashed for several months
  • fear of a date?
  • Fear of first training in a new club
  • Fear of a debtury
  • Fear to go to school because one is totally in love in a girl

Stop any hurdles, and most of them will be painted in front of the situation "Will someone like me" "I'll do that" and then thinks mostly negative and if you do it then is usually proud of it or it was Not so bad rather positive.

Most of the time it is too little self-confidence.

What should make your meDo against it?

From his comfort zone come out and simply make choose 44%

Just make, the fear will go away after a while! CHOOSE 22%

It may be Choose 22%

would do something else Choose 11%


First of all, these fears come exactly where these fears come exactly. When did they have emerged? What thoughts and feelings are connected with them?

Fears are sometimes a bit natural. It gets bad if the fear assumes extreme proportions and rather highlight areas of life (quality of life). Then I would personally recommend a therapist! In such everyday fears as described by you, it will help you to make it clear. Small steps can also help. But never stay in fear or cancel. Then the fear grows.


According to experience, confrontation and overcoming can certainly help, but can also go completely backwards and have an exactly opposite effect and it is still beautifulLet's make and deepen the fear more

If the fear has to do with problems before overcoming, it can do well

If the fear is deep-seating, it makes more sense the problem at the To work out the root and find out the origin and reasons of fear (sometimes not obvious and difficult to find and understand) and then specifically work. Fear is often not the problem but only the statement and a symptom of profound problems.

Thus that this is actually problem and the actual trigger is treated / cured, the fear can also solve slowly because it was just a concomitance


can only every guess who is afraid of, but do sowould like to! Just switch off head and through! This leads you ahead


I suffer from altitude and therefore will certainly do not operate bungee jumping: -)


I want these problems times have.

That's not even right fear

What should one do if you're afraid of something?