Will this fear go away?

2021-08-30 09:02:21 ALEX

If you have been running and gambled almost for almost a year, but has lost the "social" feeling and fell through stress and burnout into a hole, as well as all friends lost and no self-esteem has more .

Am now 18 years old. Will take away this fear, for example, when I start to pay

  • to my diet,
  • to get a normal sleep rhythm,
  • to make my degree in a evening school ,
  • Or if I accept a job, go to a gym and train (whereby I will probably make contacts)?

Will the fear go away when I

  • From tomorrow with 5 small goals per day start
  • And if I can do it to leave my comfort zone?

Will I overcome this fear / hurdle? So will the fear go away?

It is unfamiliar to go out regularly and start talking again, with other or foreign people. There is a hurdle / fear inwardly because I then go out of my comfort zone.

Yes, the fear will go away Choose 83%

No I do not think choose 17%


Also because I was not so really contact lately with "strangers" people.


You have really reflected you and have great goals set up, do not overwhelm, do not overwhelm, then the goals are also tangible.

With the routine the fear will dwindle, especially if you have success experiences by realizing your projects.

Good succeed.


I think the fear goes away, I used to be scared and panicactic. Have a therapy behind me and you taught me to do a task (goals) after another. If you start everything on one time it will fell very quickly and you just have it. Simply 1-3 goals to getChange a day and as soon as the routine will do some. For some, it does not take very long but sometimes can take years. It depends on how long you already have it. But with a strong will you can create everything and will.


Hey! Do not worry, as long as you do not have too much you will work. So or so similar phases make very many people through. You may be able to recognize yourself in the first place that you are ready for change and how great that is! The first time it will encourage courage, then you will not know how it should have been different. My tip is - follow your goals now rather steadily and sustainably than zero on a hundred and dogReturn to zero. I would recommend to you with sports. Sign up to a gym and if you are there, do not do that what you're looking for. So it's fun and you do not torment, and you have to come in the beginning anyway. Nutrition also has a lot to do with self-value: the higher your self-esteem, the more you are also worth a food that is nutritious, delicious, energy giving and happy. Sit down little weekly goals, for example, in which one could be about it that you organize everything stuff so you sitting in the classroom as quickly as possible in order to make your shot. Step by step. Let yourself be inspired by Youtubern, there are some the really helpful content offering. You are not the only mIT exactly these problems. Allow you to dream, try to orient yourself to the best version of your self and look at how you talk to yourself. And as last: on "friends" who can leave one in such phases you can do well and be glad that you did not even have to do something great, so that life has sorted it out. Real friends are there and you will attract them from themselves.


My opinion ... Experiences ... If you set goals, even if you are afraid ... Small goals ... if you have done it. , Then actually the self-esteem. Here and there it does not work immediately ... no question .... therefore ... little steps ... not always give up directly and think "I'm nothing".


Routines give you the opportunity to orient yourself in the day and hold in to the routine in insecure situations.

Will this fear go away?