New apartment rental housing yourself and by painters?

2021-08-30 09:03:00 CLINT

Hello everybody,

My girlfriend and I move in our rental apartment in two months, a new building.

So far, we have planned to delete the apartment itself. (All ceilings + bathroom will be handed over to painted)

Now I have become a bit uncertain, of course we are no professionals.

can be painted on non-woven wallpapers, these are glued to plasterboard plates.

Would you swipe yourself or commission the painter for 3000 €.


Sweets themselves, paper, etc. This is not a witchwork and I've done that with 12 in my own room (while wallpaper I had help of nuts).
Everything you need is color, a roll, a brush for the corners, an old rag and stuff to stick. Stand with me degrees, the kitchen does not like it because there are splashes on the walls and dei stupid wallpaper not washable ^^


I would leave it as it is if it is painted anyway is handed over.


I could not physically ...

New apartment rental housing yourself and by painters?