If I write in uppercase now, I have to use a big "ß"? Is that duty now?

2021-08-30 12:08:31 FELICIA

I mean when I wanted to publish a text. Would you have to use the big sharp S now? I want to make a webcomic and now annoys me, as it does not give in any font that I wanted to use this big "ß". I do not even know how to do it otherwise.


This great sharp ß has not prevailed.

Street / Street

Stay in the double s. That looks better. This new letter has not prevailed. He is certainly not mandatory.


I have not known any words in which the ß is at the beginning of the letter.

Of my knowledge, there is no major letters of the ß


Is this duty now?

Say simple, you do not use the standard variety Best German High German , but the standard variety Swiss High German . They have no ß

and then you may be quite officially write SS for β :)


https://prachtipps.chip.de/BLOSSS-Spicy S-on-the-Keyboard Writing-SO-GET_93939


There is no big ß ß is always the same.

and S is not β

If I write in uppercase now, I have to use a big