Should you have sex as soon as possible?

2021-08-30 15:02:43 LIONEL

I give it 2 good reasons.

  1. Do not you know how long one will live. It could be that one dies early, or heavily ill.
  2. Your own waiver, or postponing the act, leads the other to this possibility as fewer partners are available.

So I plead for a very early first time At the beginning of puberty, we say between 12-14.

No, because Choose 77%

Krass I have never thought about it, you have quite choose 23%


I went well that we have been waiting for another 3 years after getting to know each other until we were mature for the first time at 18 and 19 years.

So fast you do not die as if you are looking out at the devil, without having to find in love, or love.

It counts quality and not quantity.

All the best for you.


To have between 12 and 14 sex is tendentially a rather bad idea, since at this age does not have too much of such a much immense desire for sex And the sex with older partners is not allowed during this period.

Otherwise, I do not have to have had sex as an essence and meaning of my life. In fact, I personally consider sex as EHerighlessly, especially if you have sexual intercourse alone around the 'had' sake.

In this respect, point 1 is obsolete and point 2 contradicts your age presentation. In fact, the number of potential partners increases drastically in the age of 12-14. Namely, more precisely from 14.


No, not before 16.

Only then one is biologically seen psychically physically sufficiently shaped for sex and relationship.

Before that it hurts it rather and you can not even call it sex, rather something like immature doctoral games or copying adults.


I'm too fast. I have to get to know those first correctly.

Many want sex and when the boy asks if ichero virgin and I answer with "yes", then he will be funny and makes the fly.