Which party would you like to have out of the Bundestag?

2021-08-30 16:02:42 CHARLENE

Everyone knows that the elections are pending and I'm just asking me the question of which of the big parties is the most unpired. Where do you not find politically again?

And sorry, if I do not answer today. The idea came to me just suddenly and I have time again Monday. Ever I forget her now, I've typed her quickly. Until then you can let out here. Please remain fair, respectful and objective, practice criticism and do not offend. The last sentence explicitly applies to all political directions. No bashing please, but opinions or facts.

In the colors of the beams, I have oriented myself to the parties. Sorry CDU, black was all.

AfD Choose 53%

Alliance 90 / The Green Choose 29%

FDP Choose 6%

CDU Choose 3%


The left choose 3%

I all find good. / Can not decide me. Choose 3%


So apart from that, which parties I like, which I do not like and with which I ask myself, whether they have anything at all ... In the end, all have a permission to be in the Bundestag and Everyone is somehow so reasonably semi-productive ... at least sometimes.

The only party that I would really value as a disturbance factor is actually the afd.

The Greens I find partly not bad, Their image at the federal level is no one that suits me and whose chancellor candidate I would like to shoot on the moon ... but they do not have to fly out.
At the left I doubt me that that is able to be some pointing in politics to introduce and present a plan that is not equal to the BVERFG would be collected, but I do not have to get out now.

The AFD is on the one hand useless and on the other hand loud. So because of 'You can not contribute, but you can not make your work on your work ,.

But this applies to many politicians ... Bundestag Live is partly already a tragedy, that's why I found it Always pleasant that, for example, Mrs. Merkel is not or at least hardly provoked from the AFD.


So that you also know my opinion: LINKE and AFD are not in question with me. I do not like the edges.

Other opinions like other. I am grateful, for those who participate here and will begin to distribute hearts to all.

As mentioned, I'm DanN right away until Monday. But that will be made up. As long as your reflection time has.


If a faction has brought back, insults, provocations and facial palms back to the Bundestag, then the AFD. However, in terms of content with various topics and logical links, I have hardly noticed at its legislative designs, lectures and other contributions, but racism in such a great top. On such a group I can do without very well in the Bundestag.


A party that behaves so, has nothing to look for in the Bundestag


ideological insane that spread these

Which party would you like to have out of the Bundestag?