Erection after orgasm "inflate"?

2021-08-30 19:01:09 FORREST


Most of the time it is so: sobal the man has come to climax, he loses steadfastness.

I wondered if you have come after the man has come, and the sensitive phase has waited, can inflate it again, ie can virtually get an erection by blowjob, so you can not wait half an hour on the second round Must?

Someone has already done this experience?


vary from human to person

My husband then feels further contact as uncomfortable - and I can fully understand it, I am as a woman as well


Jup, but hangs strongly from the man. Which ones really need a break and which, which in turn do not need. Just try it.

Also, which are really so excited that after the first orgasm can continue to continue.

It varies greatly.


Yes, he needs a short break.

When oral traffic, however, the charm is usually too small to stand again shortly afterwards, or you present a small show. Or explained differently. On the 2nd time the sex has to crazid, extravaGanter, to be nuclear, so he comes to a halt again


can inflate it again, ie can virtually give an erection by blowjob, so you do not have to wait half an hour back on the second round ?


  • A penis is not a balloon
  • A man is not a machine

This info once as a basis for a female being.

If you are good, you could succeed. Otherwise, a woman is a little waiting well. Men must also - more often? - Wait.

To info.

A woman is not pregnant with every intercourse.

Exception: It only has sexual intercourse once a year, then it would be possible.


The GAlready with a good blowjob

Erection after orgasm