Which studies enjoy the highest view in the population?

2021-08-30 19:01:52 CHARLOTTE

What do you mean?

Medicine Choose 56%

Natural Sciences (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, etc) Choose 20%

Jura Choose 8%

Humanities (Psychology, Philosophy, etc) Choose 8%

BWL Choose 4%

Other studies and ... CHOOSE 4%


comes entirely to whom you ask. A person who has cancer will greatly appreciate a good physician, and if one sits in a death cell in the US, a lawyer is a life insurance.

I think that philosophy, history, psychology are the subjects that are very important for society. Therefore, this would be an option to choose the educated people who do not have acute


Definitely "Doctor" (Human Medicine) probably leads to the still one (at least inwardly) highest raised eyebrows, that's already a certain special position. Alone the question: "Is a doctor here?" and then he runs or she started with the small woman travel truck, bends about the patient Coram PUblico, has something.

And of course within the doctors of the Cardiacururgical , the professor on a prestigious university and secondary chief physician of his private clinic, is different from.


It works But nothing about Bwl.


In my environment, medical studies enjoy a very high priority and many decide. It botheres me pretty because I have the impression as if people sometimes would be interested in medical studies because of the reputation. Hopefully that will change sometime!


I think doctors are still gods in white. Of course, the study also benefits. In addition, the NC.

Everyone has to do with lawyers and knows the DA is gripped. Are Halodris the lawyers

Which studies enjoy the highest view in the population?