Where would you prefer to eat a Hamburg / Cheeseburger Burger?

2021-08-30 19:03:16 CODY

McCes Menu Hamburger Royal TS 7,39 €.

or from the restaurant Cheeseburger 6.00 there are also without cheese as a hamburger for 5.50. With homemade sauce fries extra small 1.50 homemade / homemade fries.

Pommes Means 2.00 fries large 2.50.

The prices of the cheeseburger are really that I have eaten yesterday there is also with Bacon Extra 1,00 € the Bacon costs. I had eaten without Bacon.

I paid a total of 7.50. Without drink.

In Restaurant Choose 84%

in McCes Choose 16%


preferably made at home.

otherwise like to restart. It just tastes better than McCes. I also like to give a little more money. I also have the impression that makes a burger more full in the restaurant.


is cheaper.

But it would not eat there but just take home: -).


The quality should be better, the ambience is definitely it And it's just more in it and turning it as an MC product.

Pommes I would rather omit, the burger alone saturates me enough.


If, Then homemade from my Holden.

Then there is really flesh in it and not oneStrange mixture.


I have no high demands and at least I do not have to run in to eat it

Where would you prefer to eat a Hamburg / Cheeseburger Burger?