Do you believe in love or not?

2021-08-30 22:00:39 ROCHELLE

Do you think that something like love exists or can that be scientifically disassemble?

I believe in love CHOOSE 65%

Love can chemically explain choose 35%


I do not just believe in love, but I'm firmly convinced that it gives you. For me, love, everything that makes everyone involved what makes them happy what they find beautiful and what makes them satisfied. There is no special knowledge. This can be determined by exchanging themselves about special preferences, and looking for both over-cutting. Of course, love feelings are produced via special hormone distributions. But, first of all, the love comes, and then the hormone distributions come automatically.


In the early phase of love, especially the messenger dopamine plays a big role and ensures the intoxication of the feelings. Later, the hormone mends OxyTocinThe bond between the partners - in many cases the neuroscience of love is only at the beginning.


That's true, love is not other than hormones that produces our bodies when we have a particular person See kissing, etc.

These are happiness for example.

But that does not have to say that it does not give love. Love is love, you can simply explain it but that's why she will not be bad :)


Safe, eventually, usually love their children and vice versa. I also love our pets and everything glistens. And garlic, I love garlic.


Love exists and can be scientifically explained.

These two things close SICH not off.

Why I think your question for little useful.

Do you believe in love or not?