Why are so many people unfriendly?

2021-08-31 01:00:51 MARTHA

Why are so many unfriendly and pampic in their expression? Was not taught those of the parents that you thank everyone and please, whether to a cleaning lady or the doctor. I was taught as a child.
Everyone has earned a friendly way except he is unfriendly to others.


Simple. People are now developing depending on their environment.

Since the parents can still be so great and picture book-moderately when the friends and colleagues are Rotze, then man will consider their behavior very likely and take over.

I would like to add that people are quite able to develop independently of external influences, but that requires a lot more than the normal OTTonormal consumers can offer.


Why are many people in times of Corona are so unfriendly?

In times of coronavirus, everyone is certainly clear that you have to stop. However, I find it sad that some people in public LJust not even make a look contact or say friendly "Grüezi". Should one no longer prove social competence in these difficult times?

https://www.agblatt.ch/leben/wieso-sind-reiche-menschen-in-z-zeit-von-corona -SO-rude-LD.1209638


Since you are right. However, that's the theory.

The practice unfortunately shows something else. Elbow and displeasure is trump.


I rarely experience that.



Why are so many people unfriendly?