Do you find the tattoos nice?

2021-08-31 01:03:39 TYRONE

Fabrizio, one of the actors from Berlin day and night, has tattoos,

Do you think that's nice?

Do not find beautiful choose 57%

Not with him Choose 14%

Few, only at certain points Choose 14%

Other choose 10%

Find Tattoos Nice Choose 5% Sometimes Choose 0%


The tattoos of him do not think so.

In general, I like tattoos but very much. Even if there are several.


I would not wear such tattoos, other designs already. The woman is the worst thing about the pictures.


Sometimes I find tattoos nice but not too many. But I would not want to do it myself because you can hardly or not remove that and the motive would probably not fallen after a short time anyway.


I do not like Tatoos, An actor still play in this program.



Do you find the tattoos nice?